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Sharla Postic

Sharla Postic

Chief Administrative Officer

Sharla Postic serves as Chief Administrative Officer of Securian Canada. With more than 20 years of experience as an expert in strategic execution and a devoted people-leader known for excellence in systems, operations, and leadership, she is responsible for Securian Canada’s client experience and service delivery, maximizing success in the key markets Securian Canada serves. Sharla focuses on exceptional business outcomes, ensuring Securian Canada remains a strategic partner of choice for clients, driven by an elevated customer service experience. She leads a multi-disciplinary team and is a cultivator of strategic alliances aimed to drive connection and commitment. Sharla uses an analytical, data-driven approach balanced with an authentic and empathetic leadership style. She is passionate about mentorship and considers it a privilege to be part of the journey of those she mentors. In her spare time, Sharla enjoys time with her family, music, art and design.

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