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Personal protection

You value your members. Help them protect what they value.

While your members’ financial needs, goals and dreams will change, making sure they are protected will always be important. The proper insurance coverage can help protect their financial future so they can enjoy those everyday moments in the here and now.

Securian Canada offers life-ready plans to affinity groups and members designed to provide peace of mind for them – and business building benefits for you.

Customization and innovation are key

Our supplemental insurance solutions can provide an added level of financial protection beyond your customers’ traditional insurance policies. Many of our guaranteed and simplified issue products do not require a medical exam at the time of application and provide immediate insurance coverage for your members.

Products can be offered individually or customized as a package so they best suit your needs – as well as the needs of your members – now and in the years to come.

Always innovating

We continuously look for new ways to support your business with specialized products, technology, services and practical solutions that meet your evolving needs.

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Product categories

Life insurance

Why it’s important

Life insurance lets your members look after the people who count on them – whether that’s their partner, children or aging parents – after they have passed away. Life insurance benefits are paid out in a lump sum payment and provide an important safety net that can not only help replace income, but can also cover many expenses.

A death benefit can help pay funeral costs, probate fees, legal fees, education and mortgage payments. Term life insurance can also be used to provide an inheritance or a final donation to a favourite charity.

Plans at a glance

  • Simplified issue term life

Critical illness insurance

Why it’s important

Critical illness insurance can provide a lump-sum payment if a member is diagnosed with one of 11 life threatening illnesses – even if they’re still able to work. They may use it any way they want: regular expenses, expenses for a loved one who is caring for them, alternative treatments, or even a trip. Give them the confidence to decide what’s best.

Plans at a glance

  • Critical illness plan can provide a lump sum cash benefit upon diagnosis of a covered critical illness
  • Cancer insurance plan provides a lump sum cash benefit upon diagnosis of most cancers

Accident insurance

Why it’s important

Accident insurance helps your members plan for the unexpected, reducing worry about what could happen to their personal finances when an accident happens.

This coverage provides a lump sum payment to your members if they suffer injury from an accident covered under the policy. They may use the money however they wish.

Plans at a glance

  • Universal accidental plan provides multiple layers of financial protection for accidental injury or death
  • Accident & sickness hospital plan provides benefits for hospitalization due to a covered accident or sickness

Accidental death and dismemberment insurance

Why it’s important

Whether it happens at work or elsewhere, an accident that costs your members a limb, eyesight – or even their life – can permanently change their family’s finances.

Help financially protect your members from the unforeseen with accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) insurance.

Plans at a glance

  • Provides up to $1M in case of an accidental death or dismemberment
  • Standard and Preferred rates offered with the option of additional riders

Long-term disability insurance

Why it’s important

Long-term disability insurance can act as a safety net for your members. It’s there to support them if a mental health issue, illness or accident keeps them from working. This coverage can help replace lost income that comes with a long-term illness, so their finances stay healthy while they heal.

Plans at a glance

  • In case of long-term disability, provides up to $25,000 per month in benefit
  • Customized plans for different demographics
  • Additional riders such as Waiver of Premium (WoP) and Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) offered for further customizability

Professional overhead expense insurance

Why it’s important

Professional overhead expense (POE) insurance allows your members to keep their business healthy should they become disabled. This coverage provides a benefit to help cover business expenses while they are unable to return to work.

Plans at a glance

  • This plan pays up to $20,000 in professional expenses when the policyholder becomes disabled
  • Recovery and survivor benefits are also payable under these plans, subject to eligibility

Extended health care and dental insurance

Why it’s important

The cost of prescription drugs, a visit to the optician, a paramedical appointment or even a stay in the hospital can all add up. Extended health care (EHC) insurance covers many basic health costs for your members. Dental plans also available.

Plans at a glance

  • Provides medical coverage not covered by provincial healthcare
  • Convenient pay drug cards
  • Up to $2M emergency out of country travel coverage

Provincial health care replacement insurance

Why it’s important

For eligible newcomers or other individuals without provincial health coverage, this insurance is designed to replicate the services of a provincial health plan.

Plans at a glance

  • Up to $1M for eligible, medically necessary health services and treatment

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